What the body Needs: 4 Bodily Processes Where Water is Essential

Drinking water has a range of health benefits according to an article published by Medical News Today. What many of us wonder is what role water plays in our bodily functions in particular.

We’re going to elaborate on four crucial bodily processes where water is extremely essential and share a bit of information on why this is so.

Bio-Chemical Reactions and Metabolism

Everything from the healthy growth and development of our bodies to proper body function depends on the hundreds of bio-chemical reactions taking place within us. Metabolism or the breakdown of food substances into energy and use of the same is one of these.

Numerous biochemical reactions, including metabolism, use up water when they occur. Water molecules may be broken down to facilitate these reactions. In the case of metabolism in particular, water molecules are used in the breakdown of food to more absorbable nutrients.

In other words, you wouldn’t be able to draw energy from the food you ate if the water in your system was inadequate!

Nutrients and Transportation

Water is not just important when it comes to breaking down food into absorbable nutrients. It also helps with transportation of the same. Different minerals and nutrients are required in different quantities across the body.

Water helps carry these nutrients and minerals to where they are needed in order to facilitate the processes they are needed for. In the absence of water, your body’s nutrient transport would cease.

Further, water is also extremely essential for the washing out of certain toxins within the body via the kidneys. In the absence of water, your body’s toxicity content would spike making you extremely ill or poisoning you altogether!

Temperature Regulation

The human body functions optimally at a certain temperature. When this temperature is exceeded (when the body overheats), various body functions may be slowed down or disrupted altogether. The enzymes that help with digestion for instance become sluggish if the body is overheated which is why it is hard to eat when you have a fever!

Water is essential to keep our body temperatures optimal for function. When the body overheats, sweat glands are triggered which produce sweat in the presence of adequate water. This in turn cools the body off keeping everything functional!

Cell Composition

The cells in your body all contain different percentages of water (usually above 55%). Water helps keep the chemical composition as well as the physical structure of your cells in position. It adds to your blood volume and in the case of skin cells, keeps the same taught and firm resulting in healthy looking skin.

If not for water, the cells in your body would dehydrate, shrivel and die!

The Upshot

As you can see, when we say water is essential, we mean it! If you’re someone who feels you’re not drinking enough water, buy a water bottle and stay hydrated!

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