The Dangers of Dehydration: Why You Should Keep Your Body Water Levels Up

An article in the online publication Medical News Today, elaborates on the many benefits of drinking water. You probably already know that most of the human body is made of water and that all your bodily functions rely on the presence of adequate amounts of the same.

What you may not be aware of is how a lack of water in your system or being dehydrated can affect you negatively. We’re going to elaborate on the dangers of dehydration so you know just how important it is to ensure that you’re adequately hydrated at all times.

Below the Bar

When water levels in your body begin to drop, a number of unpleasant affects may be triggered. This occurs generally speaking in the amount of water you are consuming or putting into your system is less than that being lost.

Loss of water can occur naturally through urination even if you’re not suffering from any kind of illness. Some of the risks of dehydration include:

Lethargy and Trouble Concentrating


Feeling sleepy and lethargic even though you are well rested can be caused by inadequate amounts of water in your system. The same may also result in problems with concentration. The reason this happens is that when your body is dehydrated, your metabolism tends to slow down. This means you have will have less energy and tasks that may otherwise seem simple will end up feeling a lot harder and more strenuous.

In extreme cases, dizziness and headaches are also not uncommon.

Oral Health


Dehydration and consistently low levels of water in your body can also do a number on your oral health. Even mild dehydration everyday results in your mucus glands producing less mucous to lubricate the mouth. The immediate result of this is bad breath.

In the long term, this results in extra wear on the teeth and creates conditions conducive to the growth of harmful bacteria eventually leading to tooth loss, tooth decay and other oral complications.

Muscles, Skin and Organs

Last but not least, prolonged dehydration is also a physical risk. Apart from making your skin looked wrinkled and older than it is, it can also trigger muscle cramps. This is because when the body is low on water, blood tends to thicken and reduce in volume.

In an attempt to ensure adequate oxygenation for the organs, blood going to the muscles may be redirected resulting in muscle cramps.

A lack of water in the body also tends to do damage to the kidneys and increases the chances of developing kidney stones. The same also results in constipation as water is reabsorbed from feces within the large intestine in order to keep the body hydrated.

Winding Down

The effects discussed above are not those that might be experienced in extreme cases of dehydration. In a worst case scenario, dehydration can even require emergency medical attention and hospitalization.

The dangers and risks above are those you face when you don’t make sure that your body is getting the right amount of water. It helps to carry a water bottle on you at all times to make sure you are never dehydrated.

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