Staying Hydrated: How Keeping Hydrated Benefits Your Physical Health

If you’re an adult struggling with symptoms like rare episodes of confusion, fatigue often turning into dizziness and less frequent urination—you’re not drinking enough water. You read that right!

All of the symptoms accompanied with an acute dry mouth and extreme thirst point to a dehydrated mind and body. This brings us to the point—drinking your eight glasses every day isn’t just about quenching that thirst, there a lot more to it.

It holds numerous benefits by way of your physical health. We’re going to go over some of these.

Weight Regulation

There are two ways that drinking adequate amounts of water may benefit you by way of weight regulation. The first is by increasing your metabolism. When your body’s cells are adequately hydrated, you are able to reach your optimal rate of metabolism. This encourages more breakdown of stored fats among other things.

Staying hydrated also reduces the need to binge eat by preventing premature hunger pangs.

Headaches and Strokes

You might not know this, but if you are dehydrated your blood tends to thicken. As a result your heart may have to work harder pumping the same around your body resulting in higher blood pressure.

Such spikes in blood pressure can cause headaches in most people however strokes are not uncommon in the elderly as well as in those with poor health. Staying adequately hydrated prevents both.

Skin Condition

One of the things that determines the quality of your skin is how much water you consume. When hydrated, cells under the skin become elastic, resulting in the skin looking firm, fresh and smooth. On the flipside, being dehydrated results in your skin looking shriveled, wrinkled and older than you may be!

A lack of water may also result in dark circles forming in the skin under your eyes!

Kidney Function

Though excessively drinking water might not be great for your kidneys, neither is drinking less water. In order for your kidneys to function optimally, you want to ensure that your body is adequately hydrated.

Being dehydrated for prolonged periods in the day can eventually result in kidney stones as well as other kidney damage. Keeping your water levels up ensure your kidneys remained unstrained and healthy.

Oral Health

Dehydration as you know leads to dry mouth. Though dry mouth on its own may not be a cause for worry, having dry mouth too often is a problem. The same is known to speed up tooth decay and allow for the growth of oral bacteria, often characterized by bad breath!

Winding Down

There you have it folks! It’s not something small. Water is life and staying adequately hydrated equals living! Make sure you’re always carrying a water bottle or your own water supply and you should be okay! If you don’t have a water bottle you can buy attractive insulated or metal water bottles for sport or daily use online! Just swing by our page and check out your options as well as avail our buy one get one free offers on water bottles!