Doing your Bit: 6 Things You Can do to protect the Environment

From water and air pollution to animal extinction and climate change, those growing up in the 21st century have their work cut out for them. Decades of indiscriminate exhaustion of environmental resources and not doing our bit by way of preservation is finally taking its toll on the planet.

Keeping this in mind, it is high time we did whatever we could to save our precious home and show our appreciation for the wonderful things that nature has blessed us with!

What Can I Do to Contribute?

You may be wondering how you can contribute to environmental protection. What you will be happy to know is that doing your bit takes less effort than you would imagine. You don’t need to riot on the streets for changes in legislation. You don’t need to specialize in environmental science and chemistry to develop the next green bio fuel.

Though these things and other large scale developments are always appreciated, you can contribute simply by making a few lifestyle changes. Here they are!

Watch Water Use

People may tell you that there is adequate water on the planet and that water shortage is not a real environmental concern. This is untrue. Water shortage is very much an environmental concern because the amount of clean, consumable and usable water on the planet is limited.

Don’t waste water within the home. Turn off your faucets while brushing or soaping up in the shower. If you have leaking pipes or taps, have them fixed. Watching your water use is another great way to do your bit!

Save Power

Don’t underestimate how much saving power can benefit the environment. The power you use may come from sustainable means but may also come from fossil fuel burning power plants. Such energy is received at the cost of toxic emissions and waste among other things which is why reduction of use means reduction of environmentally hazardous byproducts.

Turn off the lights when you’re not using a space. If you’re using air-conditioning or heating, keep your spaces insulated so you can maintain temperature. Switch over your high wattage lights to those that take up less power. Turn the TV off when you’re done watching. We could go on but you get the picture! Save power and you save the environment!

Ditch the Conglomerates and Corporations

Conglomerates and corporations are responsible for some of the most unabashed and unchecked abuse to the planet. At the same time, it is us as individuals who make all this possible. We buy their products, hire their services and don’t think to ask if or not the same may be detrimental to the environment.

A great way to kill the monopoly and do your bit is to ditch the big names. Support local companies and businesses. Look for products that are made by independent manufacturers. Find alternatives for things you would rely on mass produced products for! The less you support big conglomerates, the less money they have to make more of a mess of your world!

Take a Walk

Depending on where you live, driving might be your main means of transportation. Think about this though. Your car is built to carry four to five people and baggage. Even when you’re driving alone, you’re still using roughly the same amount of power. Your vehicle is also probably emitting just as much!

Look at your schedule and study your commute. Where can you cut back on car use? Could you make do by walking or using mass public transport? Alternatively, invest in a bicycle! If you moderate your car use, it helps a whole lot!

Watch that Diet

This has nothing to do with weight loss or gain. This has more to do with the impact conventional mass farming has on the environment. Ways you could do your bit here is to try to buy more local produce. Alternatively, grow your own vegetables or even raise your own chickens if your space allows it! Last but not least, regulate the amount of meat, poultry and livestock you consume!

You benefit both the environment and your personal health this way.

Go Reusable

We underestimate how much of a mess we make simply by using disposable items from one day to the next. Whether this is plastic cutlery, plastic bags or other packaging, it all adds up eventually. This in turn fills our lands, oceans and spaces with garbage and waste that we cannot get rid of.

In order to rectify this or at least start something that will, think reusable. Switch over those plastic or paper shopping bags for one made out of cloth so that you can use it over and over. Stop buying mineral water at work or at the gum. Invest in a stainless steel or insulated reusable water bottle that you can carry with you. Take it easy on the tissue paper and maybe try using cloth to clean up!

The less waste you create the better for your planet!

Winding Down

The steps above are really quite simple and do not require much. You could start today if you wish to! Our company, JEUZI manufactures stainless steel and insulated water bottles but we understand that without the environment, we’re as good as gone! We try to do our bit. We hope you’ll do yours!