Carrying Your Own Supply: Why Carrying Your Own Water is Essential

With temperatures the world over hitting all-time highs of late according to statistics, it staying hydrated should be a top priority.

Most people rely on modern day comforts like watercoolers in the office or bottled water from retail stores. At the same time, you might have also seen people who don’t leave home without their own water bottles.

If you’re wondering why, read on.


Dehydration can be quite a health hazard and can result in anything from headaches and dizziness to full blown kidney trouble in the long term!

For this reason, making sure you have some water on you at all times is key. For the most part, carrying your own water bottle ensures that.


You may be thinking; I can just use the cooler at work or stop by a convenience store and grab a bottle for myself. This would work on most days, however, there may be times, places and situations where you you’re thirsty and do not have access to any source of water. Say for instance your car breaks down on the highway and you need to wait for a ride, the tow service or for someone to come get you. On a hot day, it would be seriously problematic not to have at least a backup water bottle on you in such a situation.


You cannot always rely on the fact that others will follow the same standards of hygiene as you. Say the cooler at the gym or at the university you go to. You don’t know where the water supply comes from, who uses it, who services the equipment etc. In other words, you’re exposing yourself to a lot of things you have no clue about which might not be wise by way of health!

Carrying your own water bottle and supply ensures that you know the water you’re drinking is clean and uncontaminated. Further, even if you need a refill, you have the wiggle room to make certain you refill from a hygienic source!  


Let’s not forget, having your own refillable water bottle is also a way to help save the environment. By keeping a bottle you reuse, you avoid creating more waste by way of empty plastic water bottles! We all know that’s a big one!

Winding Down

As you can see, carrying your own water supply and having a bottle on your person at all times is a pretty great idea! If you’re looking to buy attractive insulated or metal water bottles for sport or daily use online, feel free to check out what we’ve got!